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Features and Benefits Perge MC Series Wood Boilers

MC 5-20CI - MC 5-30CIPF - MC5-30CIGF

  • Conventionally Flued and Fired Wood Boiler.
  • Compatible with Standard UK Gravity Heating Systems.
  • No Mains Electricity Supply Required.
  • Unique Patented Combustion Chamber Design.
  • Unique Anti-Boiling Protection System.
  • Multi-Option Tappings for Ease of Installation.
  • Optional kit to enable ‘Link-Up’ with existing heating systems.
  • Easy Load Door – Takes 30cm diameter logs, up to 50cm in length.
  • Easy Clean Access Door – With Tool Kit.
  • Ceramic Encapsulated Heat Exchanger to Prevent Corrosion.
  • Up to 10 hours Burn Time (Dependant on wood quality).
  • Approved to European Standard EN 303-5 Class 1 (Combustion).

Wood as a Carbon Neutral Heat Source

Wood as a fuel is an important part of the Governments commitment to reducing carbon emissions into the atmosphere. There is a large amount of information available on the benefits of wood as a fuel, but to summarise, when sourced from sustainably managed forests, wood is a carbon neutral fuel and can make a substantial contribution to the net emission of Carbon Dioxide in to the atmosphere. Excellent information on the benefits of wood as a fuel is available from the following websites:

Wood and biomass boilers qualify for a reduced level of VAT and various other government initiatives to encourage use of renewable energy and biomass fuels. Currently the low carbon buildings programme product criteria is being reviewed and revised guidelines will be available over the next few months.

Perge boilers now approved under the ECA

Thursday 3rd September 2009

Perge boilers now approved under the ECA (Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme) for businesses who install our systems.

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